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Health Data Governance

Learn how to develop a comprehensive Health Data Governance program for your organisation. Our Health Data Governance bundle provides you all the knowledge and tools to get you started on your data governance journey.

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Our 8 module program will take you through phase 1 of the Platformable Health Data Governance model.  This program will focus on how your organisation can incorporate industry best practices in the development of your health data governance processes across the data journey (from data collection, to transformation, storage, use and analysis, and to reporting and potential data sharing).
Health data governance requires specialised skills around managing data securely, in compliance with regulations, and with a view to generating benefits for organisations and society. There is a growing need for the development of effective data governance models in the health sector as organisations strive to manage their data as a key asset for their success and the impact they have on the communities they serve. Professionals working in the health data governance field need to incorporate innovative and agile ways to implement data governance best practices.

Build your expertise and make use of our tools and models in a hands-on, interactive series of courses and exercises that focus on addressing the cultural and organisational barriers you typically face when moving from the theory of best practices to real-world implementations. Our program will provide you the confidence to take action through the development of a Health Data Governance program for your organisation that contributes to the future of open health ecosystems.

All Modules & New Content Coming Soon

Get started on your learning journey today with Modules 1 & 2! We are putting the final touches on some of the modules which will be released soon and will be available for access to anyone who purchases the Health Data Governance course bundle on the following dates:
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    • Module 4: To be published February 19th 2024
    • Module 7: To be published February 19th 2024
    • Module 8: To be published February 19th 2024
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We will be continuing to add additional content and interactive elements to the course over time, including new exercises, handouts, and additional references. Once you purchase the bundle, you will have lifetime access to any new content and features that we release. We will send out periodic updates by email to users who purchases the bundle with information on what is new and updated.
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Health Data Governance

Want to learn how to build a comprehensive Health Data Governance program for your organisation? Check out our Health Data Governance bundle to get all 8 modules together for a discount!
Meet the instructorS

Mark Boyd

Mark Boyd is a writer and analyst who has been working on API strategies and resources for government and businesses for the past 10 years. He has worked with several World Bank agencies, the World Health Organization, a UN agency, and the European Commission on policy frameworks, research, data and API tooling and strategy.
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Eric Rochman

Principal, Open health ecosystems
Eric Rochman is a healthcare strategy and operations leader with over 10 years of experience working across the healthcare continuum. He has led large multi-stakeholder initiatives aimed at improving the healthcare delivery system through the use of technology and value-based arrangements. Eric has a Master of Public Health and an Advanced Certificate in Public Health Disaster Science, Policy, and Practice from New York University.